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Energy work and body therapies Rochester MN - MinnesotaLeslie Halling's energy work has seen me through some of the hardest times of my life. It's helped to calm and focus and energize me as part of healing from cancer more than once, while the colored light therapy she introduced me to is something I use almost daily. I've even dedicated one of my novels to her in thanks for her inspiration and healing!
Margaret Frazer, novelist

Working with Leslie Halling has just been a phenomenal experience - a combination of relaxation, healing and a growing awareness of how my life affects my body, mind and spirit. Leslie is not only a gifted healer, but also a wise woman mentor for change. She is one person who is truly present, truly alive - a great role model for those of us who aspire to be the same. She brings to the table not only a number of healing therapies in which she is amazingly competent, but also the compassion and discernment to know when to use them in the best interest of her client. As a result, I come away from every session feeling more alive, more attuned and more serene about my life.
Mare W.

Leslie Halling has been my primary energy therapist since 1998. I would not trust my body or energy system to anyone else. She is the most respectful and honest person I know and when she works with me she is in a place of neutral compassion; in that I mean she can objectively see me and work with my issues apart from her own issues. She is honest in that she will tell you what she sees, feels and senses in a tactful and helpful way. Leslie has used Reiki and colored light therapy was well as other therapies with me.
When I had a Tarot reading with her, she again was very intuitive and allowed me to participate in my reading which I found refreshing and helpful. I have had many Tarot readings and I liked the way Leslie works best. I would recommend and have referred clients to Leslie.
Don't ever stop being the Lightworker Healer that you are.
Mae P. C.

I had a Reiki session with Leslie. It was the kind of work that every cell of my being has waited for since the time I was a child being so tenderly cared for. Truly an experience and highly recommended for all.
Mary J. VL.

After suffering from a neck injury and a stroke I can say that having a treatment from Leslie is a God Send. Please give her a try as no one was harder to convince than me as far as, "Would this work?"
Dawna C.

Vacations are supposed to be a time of relaxation and fun. When we come to Minnesota for vacation, I always ask to come and see Leslie. She gives a wonderful, relaxing massage. Afterwards, I just feel such a peacefulness and just sit for a moment or two and say "ahhh..." Leslie has also done some Reiki with me and it has just enhanced the whole hour (don't get anything less!) by doing so. Having been skeptical of it in the past, having Reiki done just adds to your health and well being.
You won't be sorry coming to Leslie!
Linda H.

Tranquility Base is an excellent name for Leslie Halling and her services. I have had the privilege of knowing Leslie for several years; she has given me treatment that has made a difference on my life journey. Knowing that I will have a healing with Leslie every month allows me to anticipate the lessons of life that I will gain when she and I work together on my healing. What a joy to know that someone knows me, cares about me, and values my search. My hope would be that more people take advantage of the gifts that Leslie so willingly shares. She brings a valuable service to the planet and its inhabitants.
Sue H

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