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Animal Healing Rochester MN - MinnesotaFirst of all, I must say that the healing work I offer for animals does not replace veterinary care. It does compliment veterinary care, though. By that I mean that it works well alongside the care your veterinarian provides.

Animal Healing Rochester MN - MinnesotaIn offering healing help for animals, I use Reiki, Qigong, Ortho-Bionomy®, colored light therapy and massage. I also use animal communication to help me understand what the animal needs, what feels good and what they don't like. Animals understand energy work very well. Once they understand what I'm doing as I am starting to work with them, they are usually more than happy to have me work with them. They are energy beings just as we are. Everything is energy. Everything vibrates, has resonance and frequency; people, animals, plants, rocks, everything.

Animal Healing Rochester MN - MinnesotaReiki is usually the modality that I like to start with. Most animals are used to being touched and most love to be touched. So the light touch of Reiki is usually comfortable for most animals. Reiki can also be done by working in the energy field of the animal and not actually touching their body.

I have also used Reiki on wild birds that have bumped into windows and knocked themselves out. The Reiki helps to bring them to consciousness again. At this point some birds say "Let me go!" So I do. Other birds don't want to leave. They want to stay in my hands and absorb as much of that healing energy as they can. When they are ready to leave they fly away.

Animal Healing Rochester MN - MinnesotaIf I am working on an animal who doesn't want to be touched, then Qigong is a good modality to use. Qigong is done by working in the energy field that surrounds the body. Some animals prefer Qigong over Reiki, especially if they have been in pain for a long time.

I once worked on an Airedale who was in the process of healing after being hit by a car. As usual, I started with Reiki. She was afraid that if I touched her it would cause her more pain. She gently put her mouth over my wrist to stop me. Instead I used Qigong and she was able to relax. I also used colored light therapy on her and she became the most relaxed her foster mom had seen her.

Animal Healing Rochester MN - Minnesota
Honey Bear

However, another dog I worked on loved Reiki but didn't like Qigong. Reiki was very calming for her, but the Qigong was too intense. From six feet away with her back to me, she could tell when I was starting to use Qigong on her. She turned and looked at me with a look that said 'Don't do that it makes me crazy.' So I didn't.

I have used colored light therapy on dogs, cats and horses. There are 17 color gels ranging through the rainbow from red to violet. Additionally there are some half step colors, like red-orange and green-turquoise and purple, magenta and scarlet. The colored lights help muscles to relax and help to relieve pain. I try different colors on the animal until we find a color that seems to produce a sense of relaxation or calmness in the animal.

Animal Healing Rochester MN - Minnesota

I used colored lights on a cat who wasn't feeling well and who lived at an animal shelter. I shone a green light on her. She moved from the back of her cage where she usually stayed to the front of the cage where the light was shining. She probably stayed there for 15 minutes and then moved to the back of the cage again. That was her signal to me that that was enough of that color. I then changed the color to magenta and she moved to the front of the cage again. She stayed at the front of the cage until she had enough of that light and then moved to the back of the cage again. This time she didn't want any more colored light so I turned it off. Within a couple of days she was feeling well again.

Animal Healing Rochester MN - MinnesotaOrtho-Bionomy® is a really nice modality to use with muscles that are sore or tired. Ortho-Bionomy® is always done away from pain and into comfort. We work with the muscles instead of against them; we work with the body instead of against it. Ortho-Bionomy® uses body positioning, for instance, lifting and holding a leg or turning the head and neck, to let the body self correct.

Animal Healing Rochester MN - MinnesotaSometimes Ortho-Bionomy® uses movement to help the body to release tense muscles. I worked with a horse who wanted her back to feel better. I was able to start a gentle swaying motion for her that ran all the way up her spine. It felt so good that she looked like she was asleep, her head drooping, her eyes half closed.

Animal communication is a hot topic in some circles these days. It has been brought into the public eye by such women as Beatrice Lydecker, Sonya Fitzpatrick, Amelia Kinkade, Nicci MacKay, and Marta Williams, to name but a few, who have all written wonderful books.

I use animal communication, which is telepathic communication, to learn from my animal clients what they need for healing or what they want me to communicate to their human companions. Sometimes the telling of their story, giving voice to them, is the healing that they need. Sometimes we use voice and an energy therapy too, such as Reiki or Qigong, to help with their healing.

Animal Healing Rochester MN - MinnesotaAnother cat I worked with at a shelter wouldn't leave her cage. I asked the volunteers when it had started and they said after she had been spayed. When I checked in with her the cat was feeling depressed. But in my first conversations with her she offered no explanations as to what was going on with her. After some energy work she did cheer up somewhat, as now she would allow more contact with people, but she still was unhappy. When she got to the point of not eating, I came back to talk to her again. Finally she told me that she had wanted to have babies. She knew that was not possible anymore. What was the point to life now? I explained to her the reason she had to be spayed. Small comfort. Then I told her that I thought that there was some person out there who was looking for a friend, a companion just like her. That she could be a healing force for this person just by being their friend. But that if she refused to go outside of her cage and if she refused to eat that could never happen. This caught her interest. When I asked about her later, they told me that she had started to eat, was allowing people to touch her and was even going outside her cage to play.

Animal Healing Rochester MN - MinnesotaTo speak aloud for those whose conversation is silent. To listen deeply. To understand what they need to be whole, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. That is what animal communication is all about.


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